COVID Update: Paupers has closed. To read more, click here.

Update From Pastor Josh Phillips

Paupers Chapel has closed and we are no longer gathering on Sunday mornings as a church. But let not this be a moment of sadness to you, for the Lord served and ministered to many people in the 6 years we gathered. As the lead pastor, I was instructed by God to “Tell them I love them”. Myself, along with the Elders felt that our church was faithful in fulfilling that mission. Though our formal gatherings are over, the body of Christ still lives on and we encourage you to continue to seek out the plan God has for your life and find a community of believers to live out the great commission with. My final prayer and words as the pastor of this church will be that of the disciple John… “We love because He first loved us”. 1 Jn 4:19

Should you have any questions, you can reach Josh Phillips through his email


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