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As the lead teaching Pastor and head Elder, Pastor Josh aims to keep his people balanced in Spirit and truth as Christ encourages in John 4:23. He and his wife started Paupers in 2014 with the sole goal of sharing the love of God, showing the love of God and teaching the love of God through a new church in Portland Maine. Pastor Josh’s life experience plays an important role in helping care for the people at Paupers. He was a gifted business man for many years, while faithfully serving his church as a serving/lay leader from 2003-2012. The Phillips family has made it their goal to make a long term gospel investment in the city of Portland and the surrounding areas. He hopes this quote encourages you.

“I understand how hard faith is. I have personally made many decisions in my life that would not fall in line with holiness, but I have seen the grace of God powerfully impact my own heart and mind to transform me into a much more loving, caring and selfless person. I know choosing a pastor is a very important decision and I would welcome the chance to grab a coffee, dinner or a beer and discuss how the Lord is moving in your heart and what your hopes are. Thank you for taking the time to read a little about Paupers.”


Pastor Mike is a fellow Elder at Paupers and has been attending since 2016. Mike is originally from Woburn, MA and works outside the church in Real Estate and Commercial Development. We sometimes call him “Rain Man Mike” as you will soon find out, this dude drops more bible verses in one conversation than Pastor Josh might preach in an entire sermon (haha). But seriously, His love for people is best seen in how he encourages the people through the Word of God. Mike came to faith at Paupers as is someone who truly cares about other people and has consistently put himself last, to ensure others are built up in Christ.


Becky! Everyone loves her. As one member recently said, “Becky makes me feel so loved and safe. She really listens to what I have to say.” We couldn’t agree more. Becky helps lead the prayer ministry at Paupers. As leaders we feel prayer is the most important spiritual discipline as it leads to humility and the empowering of the Spirit to guide us, heal us and help us. Becky also runs all volunteer staffing. Becky is a true gift to the kingdom of God, but we are so blessed to have her as a part of our leadership team at Paupers. If your visiting Paupers, find Becky… you will be blessed.


For questions about the church please email info@pauperschapel.com.
To reach our Lead Pastor Josh Phillips: josh@pauperschapel.com or 207.256.9156


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